• ISP Scout Pouch sheath, RH, Dark Walnut w/Black stitching, LP Titanium clip; 4" Blades


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    The Jou Fuu ISP sheath (InSide the Pocket) was designed to be carried in your Front Pocket Carry/Inside the pocket. The clips are not designed to be clipped on your belt and we do not recommend you appendix carry them IWB. If you do, you run the risk of your Muffin top pushing the knife blade thru the side wall of the sheath or the bottom welt and into your soft white underbelly. 

    RH Carry. Made from 6/7oz Veg Tan Leather, Walnut w/Black stitching. Long Plain Titanium clip.

    Fits: Bushcraft style knives in the 8.00" to 8.75" OAL range. Shown carrying an Winkler Blue Ridge Hunter. Other examples that fit: Esee 3, ESEE RB3, Fiddleback Bushcrafter, LT Wright Bushcrafter,  

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