• Jou Fuu Leather Survival Spoon XL, Walnut w/BLUE stitching - 6oz


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    The JouFuu Leather Survival Spoon XL. Carefully thought out for the size, design, and use. It's not like we're re-inventing the wheel here, but I wanted this "Spoon" to definitely have a JouFuu Signature style. Constructed to be compact, concealable, lightweight, tough as nails, and able to crack & scramble an egg if the need arises. Constructed from 10-12oz Harness leather and sewn with heavy duty & tight stitching makes this Spoon built to last. Keep the leather oiled and conditioned and it should last a long time. 

    Overall Length is 9 1/8". Gross weight is 9.3oz. Filled with a 6oz lead puck. BLUE stitching. Each Spoon is numbered. No number picking. Orders will be filled sequentially as they sell. 

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