• JouFuu Leather "Ms Anderson's Reminder", Black/Black, 16.1 oz


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    You often call on your lifetime memories for inspirations and here's a perfect example. I grew up during a time when corporal punishment was a daily norm for misbehaving children. Step out of line and you got paddled. My English teacher from 5th thru 8th grade, Ms Anderson, carried a cedar wood paddle on her person at all times. She called it 'her little reminder' for when a student would back talk or misbehave. She was a savage old spinster and ruled her classroom with an iron first, welding her cedar 'reminder'. This SAP/Slapjack looks exactly like that paddle .. except it's made from leather and filled with lead. :) Be sure to yell, "From the power of Ms Anderson!" when you swing it

    Constructed from 8-12oz Bridle/Veg Tan leather, Black w/Black stitching. Contains a custom made 10oz lead puck and stainless steel spring. 11.5" OAL and Gross weight of 16.1 oz. This Reminder is stamped in sequence of all JouFuu Survival Spoons, it's number 0115.

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