• JouFuu Wrapped Zippo Lighter, Louis Vuitton


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    I know you're asking; Should I carry a lighter? I don't even smoke! Burning issue, huh? Are you an EDC guy? Prepped for what may come at you? Think about it. You should carry carry a Knife, a Flashlight, maybe some Band-aids and of course a LIGHTER! A Zippo is part of American Made history. If you're gonna carry a fire starter, be authentic and make it a Zippo, but even cooler .. a JouFuu wrapped Zippo!! 

    These are hand cut & stitched. This particular Zippo is wrapped in genuine Louis Vuitton bag material. Sourced from a repurposed Louis Vuitton bag from the 80s. Be the envy of everyone in the cigar lounge with this one. 

    A BRAND NEW Zippo Lighter is INCLUDED with your purchase. Lighters will be shipped dry. You will be required to add lighter fluid before using.

    Contact me with questions.

    ** We recommend you use The Zippo Butane Lighter Insert - Double Torch. Available through other online vendors **