• Leather Tote, Gray Concrete Leather w/Black straps, Gun Metal rivets


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    A great leather tote bag can only be made from great leather hides. All JouFuu Leather totes are hand made from 100% U.S. cowhides. Unlike store-bought bags, We tend to use hides that have 'character'. Hides with Range Scars and Branding Marks are commonly used and add to the experience and legacy of owning a One of Kind Hand Made bag.

    All totes are hand made by me in here in N. Georgia and delivered to your door at a reasonable price.

    Concrete Gray Waxed leather w/Black straps. Has a divided floating inner pocket. This tote is overbuilt and will endure years of whatever you can throw in it.  

    International buyers are responsible for additional shipping costs.

    Shipping is flat rated due to the size of this item.

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