• Leather Wrapped Zippo Lighter, Crazyhorse Brown w/Beige stitching


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    I know you're asking; Should I carry a lighter? I don't even smoke! Burning issue, huh? Are you an EDC guy? Prepped for what may come at you? Think about it. You should carry carry a Knife, a Flashlight, maybe some Band-aids and of course a LIGHTER! A Zippo is part of American Made history. If you're gonna carry a fire starter, be authentic and make it a Zippo, but even cooler .. a JouFuu Leather wrapped Zippo!! 

    These are hand cut & stitched from 5oz Crazyhorse Brown leather. This hide is tough! Soft and subtle, but tough ol boot leather. It will patina darker with use and daily carry. 

    These are marked with a small "JF" for a maker's mark. 

    A BRAND NEW Zippo Lighter is INCLUDED with your purchase. Lighters will be shipped dry. You will be required to add lighter fluid before using.

    Contact me with questions.

    ** We recommend you use The Zippo Butane Lighter Insert - Double Torch. Available through other online vendors **