• Taco Pouch sheath, RH Belt Carry, Black Bridle w/Black stitching, DCC 1.5" belt clip


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    Have that favorite bushcraft knife that you want to carry on your hip but like the idea of being able to remove it or add it on a whim? Behold! The JouFuu Taco Pouch with a belt clip. Designed to be worn on the belt. This clip fits up to a 1.5" Belt. The Discreet Carry Clip is designed to keep it secured to your belt without worry. 

    Made from 6-7oz Bridle Leather, Black w/Black stitching, RH Hip Carry, 1.5" DCC belt belt. 

    Fits: Most bushcraft style knives from 8.25" to 9" OAL. Examples; from the Esee 3 to the Fiddleback Bushfinger. 

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