Hello, my name is Bud. I'm the one man show here at JouFuu Leather. I live in a NW burb of Atlanta, Ga. and I am a Knife-a-holic. I keep things simple here in my shop. Everything is hand made, right here in the USA. I am a veteran of the US Army (Airborne) and I was born and raised in Tennessee. My last military duty station was here in Atlanta, Ga (Fort McPherson). I fell in love with the area and decided to take up roots in the suburbia area outside of the metro city with my wife and daughter.

I've been collecting knives since I was a kid, inspired by my Grandparents 'collecting' which may have been a slight bit of hoarding. I started making leather sheaths for myself a few years back when I became hooked on 'drop thru the top' traditional tomahawks and I needed sheaths for these custom one off tomahawks. That hobby/collection grew when I discovered the world of Custom Knife Makers. Every now and then I'll try my hand at making a knife but I make a better sheath than I do a knife. :)

My work focuses around bush-craft style fixed blades and sheath making as a whole is a hobby. I tried taking on custom orders but it always turned into a debacle of sorts. I will take 'requests for builds' tho. If there's some style or size you'd like to see made - let me know and I'll put on my 'build board'. I'll try to list new sheaths on a weekly basis.

As my craft grows, I'm sure I'll make changes along the way. If you have a concern, idea, etc .. please Contact Me.