Hello, my name is Bud. I'm the one man show here at JouFuu Leather. I live in a NW burb of Atlanta, Ga. with my wife and daughter. I am a Knife-a-holic and a Tomahawk collector. I am also a proud US Army (Airborne) Combat Veteran.

I keep things simple here in my shop. My work is hand made, and I pride myself on perfection and clean work. My work focuses around sheaths for bush-craft style fixed blades, but I'll make a wallet or LARP armor when the mood hits me. I do take orders - but it's on a limited basis. I usually get to your order pretty quickly, but life does happen so please be patient. I do not say NO to custom orders, but they are not my forte. Click the Contact Me on the menu and we'll talk about it.

Please note, ANY sheath order for a knife I do not personally own requires you to send me your knife so I can pattern it. No exceptions.

Let me answer some questions I get a lot ..

Q. Who makes your sheaths? Are they made by hand?
A. I make all the sheaths and leather goods you see on this website and my instagram account (@jou_fuu).

Q. Where do you get your clips?
A. They are custom made. They are not available for individual sale. No, I will not give info on how you can copy them.

Q. What kind of leather do you use?
A. For the most part .. I use 6-7oz veg tan leather that's imported from Belgium and purchased through Tandy. Thread is a Ritzo Tiger Thread. No drum dyed hides. I dye my hides using Fiebings Oil Dye.

Q. "I am a knife maker but I do not make my own sheaths" - do you offer batch orders for Knife Makers?
A. Absolutely. Contact Me for pricing and details. I start giving discounts for 5 of the exact same sheath. 

Q. What's your personal Every Day Carry knife?
A. That depends on the day of the week, but rest assured .. there's a knife (or two) on my person 24/7.

As my craft grows, I'm sure I'll make changes along the way. If you have a question, concern, idea, etc .. you are always welcome to Contact Me.