Hand Made Craftsmanship:

I am a one man show. There's not a factory with a bunch of minimum wage employees cranking out wares made from PLU (fake) leather here. It's me, the one and only, sitting in my at home workshop and usually hand cutting, hand dying, hand stitching your leather goods. I take pride in my work. I am making things the best way I know how. Each piece made represents more time and effort than you're paying for. That's why it may be perceived as expensive. Do they make it cheaper in China? Absolutely .. in every way. Buy Local. Buy American. Support Handmade.

Warranty/Return Policy:

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. I will not build or sell you a sheath so you can 'try it out'. If you're not sure your knife fits a listed sheath, then do not buy it. If you do not like the sheath I built for you, then DO NOT BUY IT. I'll gladly send your knife back to you - no worries. If there are defects in workmanship or material I will repair or replace your item. You are responsible for ALL shipping costs. All of my products have a 1 year warranty from the date of shipment for the ORIGINAL PURCHASER. You must contact me by email before returning any item for repair or replacement.  This does not include abuse or misuse of any product by the customer or normal wear and tear.

Ordering a Custom Sheath:

**UPDATE - My Custom Order Books are currently CLOSED** 

Please Contact Me if you are interested in ordering a custom sheath. You will be required to send me your knife. I will not build your order to a bunch of measurements you send me. Custom Build pricing starts at $85 for a sheath plus shipping. Pricing varies from there based on size and details. Final price is given on a case by case basis. Normal turn around time is 2 weeks from the time your knife is received, but life does happen. Occasionally life does happen, but you will be contacted immediately if there's going to be a delay in your order. 

Color Options:

I offer Natural veg tan, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Golden Brown, Black and Tan <-- Tan in leather is NOT beige, it's Very Reddish Brown. I hand dye most of my leather and all leather hides take color differently so no guarantee for color matching. Stitching Threads: Machine stitching is limited to White, Black, Brown, Beige. Hand stitching offers a few colors but I do not have a 64 color box of crayons.

Clip Options:

Clips used for Inside the Pocket fixed blades sheaths are made from titanium and designed to be used for inside the pocket use. They are NOT designed to clip on your pack, your belt, or your car's visor. Contact Me for a current selection of titanium ISP clips offered. I do also offer Belt Clips. The standard steel made commercially available clips that are designed to be clips to a 1.5"-1.75" leather belt.

Fellow Leather Craftsman, stop emailing me asking where I get my clips - Be original and GO MAKE YOUR OWN.


I use USPS (Priority) for both Domestic and International Shipping. I do not absorb shipping costs. Not providing the correct shipping address can cause you to lose your item and/or may cause you to pay for additional shipping fees. All packages containing a knife will require a signature upon receipt. No exceptions. I do adjust shipping costs slightly to account for merchant fees.


As of right now, I only use PayPal for payments. You can pay an invoice through PayPal without having a PayPal account. You just need a Credit/Debit Card. PayPal does charge Merchant Fees just like any other Merchant Services provider (Banks, Credit Cards, etc). I account for this and absorb those fees in my pricing/shipping quotes. Payment is expected within 48hrs of invoice.

Leather Used:

For fixed blade sheaths, I use high quality 6-7oz Veg Tan leather. Occasionally, I will use 8-9oz but only on a case by case basis and for larger belt carried knives. I do not follow the norm like so many other sheath makers and use 9-10oz leather on EVERYTHING I make. It's too thick and ridiculous. If you're wanting that THICK leather to be used, then I'm not your leather guy.

For Wallets, Field Book covers, Pocket Slips, etc - I use a variety of USA made leathers. Utility leather, Veg Tans, etc. I generally source my leather from Tasman or Acadia Leathers.

If I'm using veg tan leather for your sheath or item purchased/ordered then it will be oiled and sealed. It is suggested you occasionally oil or condition your leather. I recommend using 100% Neetsfoot oil. A little goes a long way.


I am located in the USA. I am a US Army veteran and proud that I served my country. I am a retired LEO. I try to support USA Owned and Operated companies when sourcing my materials. I support my country. As a US Citizen, If you choose to support Anti-American, Anti-Law Enforcement, US Flag burning rhetoric - that's your US Constitutional Right, but please do not contact me. I'm not your leather guy.